What we do

Established in 1994, The St Nicholas Nairobi Fund (UK Registered Charity No. 1068036) supports and cares for children in some of the poorest areas of Kenya. Education, Medical Care and Personal Guidance are the main areas of support – all underpinned by three core principles - Dignity, Discipline and Direction.

There are three main sections to the charity’s work:

1. The Baoabab Nursery School and Feeding Programme – currently caring for over 80 children age 3-6. (“Baobab” is the large tree which provides shelter in many African communities)

2. The Tumaini Feeding and Support Programme (“Tumaini” means “hope”) which feeds and cares for the poorest and orphaned “Baobab Graduates” when they enter the Primary School System. It’s a fact that children don’t learn when their stomachs are empty!

3. Community Support in the villages where the children live so that the adults can learn ways to support themselves, feel encouraged and find new ways to earn a living.