The Tumaini Programme

This project provides a regular hot meal and medical care for our “Baobab Graduates” when they enter the local Primary School. Lunch is provided just outside the school from Monday to Friday both during term and in the holidays as well.

For most of the 60 children currently eligible, this is their only meal of the day. Recently we’ve helped the local people build a simple shelter so that there is protection from the sun and rains during the mealtimes.

Medical care is an important aspect to our support – There are a number of health issues in this area and many young children also suffer from burns from the open fires in the village and access to the most basic medical care is very limited and expensive.

The Tumaini Project also embraces a series of activities to assist the local community become more confident and self sufficient. Many families have not received education or regular employment for generations. Some of the adults assist with the preparation of food whilst others are learning basic skills such as sewing and basket making. Shortly all the school uniforms will be made by the local people for instance. 

It’s a matter of small steps – one at a time for these people but the effect on their morale is gratifying to see. The practical and financial help from our many supporters enables the St Nicholas Nairobi Fund to ensure a continuing stream of children can make a positive contribution in their lives away from the poverty into which they were born. We hope you will feel inspired to join us to help create more success stories in the lives of these deserving youngsters and their families!